Florida Drone Aerial Video Production

Florida Drone Aerial Video Production Company

4th Dimension Studios is the leader in aerial photography, aerial cinematography, uav aerial photography, and aerial filming needs in Jacksonville Florida and beyond!  We fly a variety of Drone aircraft from small 4k quadcopters to our state of the art Freefly Alta carrying our Movi M5 & M15 & Pro gimbals.  No expense has been spared on our drone aircraft's, electronics, cameras, or lenses.  We ONLY fly first class equipment.

Aerial Cinematography & Aerial Photography Operating Under FAA Section 333 Exemption & Part 107 in Jacksonville Florida.

4th Dimension Studios strives on safely capturing aerial video that will highlight your unique vision and produce stunning visuals from a diverse perspective for your video production. We offer cost efficient drone aerial video producion in florida & beyond that enable our clients to obtain aerial footage where it once would have been too expensive. 
Safety is always our first priority. Our drones are operated by licensed professional pilots and camera operators with over 25 years of experience. All of our unmanned aerial drones include GPS flight systems with crystal clear HD live video, and fail-safe safety features.
Jacksonville Florida based Aerial Cinematography and Aerial Photography specialists. We specialize in Film, TV, Commercials, Real Estate, Sports, Events, Inspections, and much more. 
  • Our drones are piloted by a licensed FAA pilot with Exemption 333 and Closed Picture set license / Part 107 and a 30 year veteran to remote control aircraft operation.
  • Camera controls are operated by a 40 year veteran aerial camera operator.
(We do business all over the U.S. So wherever you are located feel free to contact us about our services.)

Things to know when hiring a drone aerial video production company:

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you ONLY hire an FAA licensed and insured aerial pilot.  Your operator should be licensed by the FAA carrying Exemption 333 / Part 107 status approval plus have aerial insurance / permits for doing this kind of work.  The pilot of the aircraft must be an actual licensed pilot with the FAA and hold a Pilot certificate. If the aerial company you hire is not licensed by FAA and doesn't carry aerial insurance for aerial cinematography / photography, they are operating illegally and could put you and the public at risk!  Ask to see their pilots license, exemption 333, Part 107, aerial insurance, and drone aircraft registration.
Ask to see the following Documents before hiring a drone aerial video production company:
  1. Pilots License of the Drone Pilot
  2. Exemption 333 / Part 107
  3. Insurance matching the serial # for the drone being operated
  4. N number of the drone being piloted.
Video production company in Jacksonville Florida offering video production services, Drone aerial video production and cinematography, and Grip Trucks.
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